While the list here summarizes some of the services I provide, it is by no means complete. Anything that requires typing, whether it be written or recorded, is fair game.

Your finished TV show/movie/documentary. Audio transcription and video summaries, with timecode. Individual speakers identified.

Your book either in longhand on reams of cocktail napkins or dictated on scores of cassette tapes. I'll type it for you.

Group of people having a discussion. Individual speakers identified or not identified. Verbatim, clean verbatim or polished.

Dialogue Lists
Full dialogue of finished TV show/movie/documentary. With timecode at regular intervals or timecode with every speaker.

Someone talks into a dictation machine. I type it out. Analog or digital. Verbatim, clean verbatim or polished.

Focus Groups
Multiple speakers in a room with a moderator asking questions about Product X. Individual speakers not identified. Verbatim, clean verbatim or polished.

One-on-one or multiple speakers. Documentary interview, reality TV interview, phone interview or any other type of interview. Question paraphrase with verbatim or clean verbatim transcription. With or without timecode. Individual speakers identified or not identified.

Just added: Translation/Transcription of languages other than English. Current language support includes: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Arabic, Hindi, Russian, Romanian, Swedish, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, Tagalog, Thai, Indonesian. Other languages available by request. Note that the finished product will be an English translated transcription. Transcription of the actual foreign language material is not available at this time.

Live Recording and Transcription
Your live event audio (or video) recorded, with transcription provided either same day or within 48 hours depending on your level of desire for expedience.

Someone talks at a podium. Verbatim, clean verbatim or polished.

Same as Conferences.

Pleadings, briefs, summaries of hearings, summaries of depositions, etc.

Your video or audio podcast as text. Verbatim, clean verbatim or polished.

Same as Lectures. Verbatim, clean verbatim or polished.

Conference calls, Skype meetings, phone interviews, etc. Verbatim, clean verbatim or polished.

Do you have an enormous pile of handwritten notes? Or an equally gigantic pile of photocopied typewritten text that you need digitized for editing? Or a stack of takeout menus that you'd like typed up for your restaurant blog? Or any other typing/transcription task? Let me know what you have and I'll let you know how much it'll cost to type.